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Preston Merrell Health is recognized as today’s leading, innovative wellness centre for transformational health care. We listen to your needs, find the root of your concerns, and prescribe customized treatments, personalized therapies and herbal remedies to restore your health and vitality.

Dr. Kevin Preston, along with a team of certified, highly trained staff, offers a progressive take on Chinese science. TCM has been researched and developed over thousands of years, and today our clinic uses it to treat any health issue that’s keeping you from becoming the best version of YOU.

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Allow us to introduce you to a complementary range of focused wellness services that we’ll tailor to your specific health needs:


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Many of our clients come to us when traditional medicine fails them. We’ve tackled challenging cases like autoimmune disease and chronic illness that have left other doctors stumped. But why wait until it’s a last resort? Our consultations give you the strength to face emotional disorders, lack of energy, low libido, stress, treat chronic pain, and more.

Take control of your story and build the life you want to live. We don’t focus just on symptoms. We help you find the root cause of what’s affecting your body. With our proven blend of clinical medicine, traditional Chinese practices and natural wellness, you can unlock your potential and experience the healthier, happier and more vibrant life you want.

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